Department awards $7.3 million through Neighborhood Assistance Progra

The Missouri Department Department of Economic Development announced Wednesday that it would award $7.3 million through its Neighborhood Assistance Program to nonprofits across Missouri for community development projects. The Neighborhood Assistance Program helps not-for-profit organizations leverage private-sector funds by providing partial state tax credits to businesses that make contributions to approved community improvement projects. The program can help fund job training initiatives, crime prevention, community service projects, and revitalization of community-based buildings and areas. The Community Partenership of Southeast Missouri was the loan local recipient. Community Partnership of Southeast Missouri intends to direct NAP contributions to the renovation of a Cape Girardeau police station property including but not limited to, roof replacement, build out of functional office space, flooring, and construction of addition 7,000 sq. ft. activity center. The facility will be used to provide homeless individuals with showers, laundry facilities, and movement into permanent housing.

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