Cape Girardeau City Council Members to Make Decision on Proposed Capital Improvement Plan in March

Local residents didn’t make any comments regarding the city’s current draft for the Capital improvement Program to be put in place over the next five year period during Monday night’s City Council meeting. The program to be put in place provides a blue print on how more than $200 million in funding will be used for different infrastructure projects in the following categories of the environment, capital assets and transportation. The Capital Improvement tax program that was presented at Monday night’s meeting revealed the importance of the continuation of the current sales tax revenue. An example of this includes the Transportation Trust Fund continuation that will be on the election ballot on April 7, 2020. This could possibly provide funding for the projects that were selected by the city council on January 21, 2020. The council members decided on a total of eight projects to be funded by the TTF 6 tax which is accountable for an estimated total of $10 million for the initiatives $25  million worth  of projects that will receive tax generated funds. Other revenue that is included in the city’s proposed capital improvement plan  include grant funding,  motor fuel tax funding  from the state, and the fire sales tax that was approved back in 2004, among others. The improvement projects that the council has proposed for the next five years have a complete value of $104,472,869 in identified funding from different revenue sources. In addition the plan lists a value of $99,069,343 in contingent projects that could receive funding from tax initiatives of future ballots. A few of the projects that were proposed will get funding from many revenue sources, but some projects do not have funding at this point. Due to the fact that there were no changes recommended the City Council will vote on the proposed plan on March 2, 2020.

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