City of Cape Girardeau Online Services Starting to Return to Normal

City of Cape Girardeau online utility payments have been restored after a cyber attack made several of the city’s systems inaccessible for over a month. The services that the attack left inaccessible include city email, online forms, and court systems among others. Members of the FBI are currently investigating the cause and motive of the attack and the repairs to follow in the aftermath of the attack will cost the city tens of thousands of dollars officials say.  It has been confirmed that the city’s online payment services have been restored, but the most recent bill payments won’t be applied until city officials enter updated account information. City utility bills have not been sent through the mail since January 22, 2020. The regular billing process will pick back up next week. This month’s utility bills couldn’t be delivered to residents on the western side of the city in billing cycles one and two. As a result the bill that residents receive next month will contain a balance for both February and March.  Residents who currently use an auto pay system won’t have a deduction for this month. Two deductions for both February and March will be taken out when the utility bills are due next month. Residents who live on the east side of town will get their utility bills for this month on time. Any credit card payments or payments that were made in person after January 18, 2020 are scheduled to post to residential accounts on Monday. There is a chance that printed balances could be printed incorrectly until officials are able to update the balances for payments that were dropped off at the office during the outage. All the automatic payments that were made from January 22, 2020 through February 5, 2020 are currently delayed.



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