City Officials Monitoring Mississippi River Levels Due to Flooding Concerns

Cape Girardeau City leaders are keeping a close eye on the Mississippi River because the National Weather Service says the region received above normal rain fall in 22 of the last 26 months. Over the first two months of this calendar year the region has gotten nearly twice the amount of its average rainfall. City officials say it is easy for residents to see the impact of above normal rainfall because the creeks are full of water and the dry land is saturated. They say as a result the river levels are unseasonably high. Officials say the river has remained high throughout the fall and winter which isn’t normal. They say the river hasn’t been below 25 feet for more than a couple days for several months now.  Officials say they hope that if the area experiences significant flooding this year that it does not last for as many days as the previous year. The public works department is still currently reeling from the effects of flooding from last year.

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