.U.S. Army Corps of Engenders Includes Many Western Kentucky Projects in Their Work Plan for the Year

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will fund many infrastructure projects to take place in Western Kentucky. The projects within the plan include included in the plan is a $63 million to finish the Olmsted Lock and Dam and over $61 million for the Kentucky Lock and an additional  $4 million for the Paducah floodwall. Government officials say the completion of Olmsted, the largest project funded by the Inland Waterways Trust Fund, will be beneficial to other projects that are also a priority that are under construction such as Kentucky Lock project. The Kentucky Lock project funds the construction of a new lock chamber to address the increased weight of larger barge traffic now. The Paducah flood wall runs through downtown and it includes a system of pump stations across the city for the protection and minimizes the flood risk for a total of 11,000 acres and over 25,000 people in the area.

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