Renovations Finished to American Legion Hall in Jackson

.The renovations to the American Legion Hall Post 158 in Jackson have been completed and an open house has been scheduled for Sunday at 2.p.m.  The facility was closed in June after the building was damaged extensively from straight line winds that came through the area. The storm lifted a large portion of the roof off of the building and it was dropped in the roadway on High Street. A large amount of water damage was caused to the inside of the building. In addition parts of the ceiling caved in. There was also damage to the basement due to water leaking through the walls. Due to extensive damage a complete overall was needed. The renovations to the building included construction of a new roof as well as a ceiling. In addition new walls were put up and wainscoting was done. The floor was salvaged and it was refinished. New lighting was also installed in the building. Officials say during the time the building could not be used and they took the time to remodel other parts of the building that needed work such as the kitchen and bathroom. Members of the legion will be at the open house to answer any questions and visit with residents.

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