Missouri State Health Officials on Alert for Coronavirus Cases

So far there haven’t been any confirmed cases of novel coronaviris in Missouri, but health officials say they are prepared to respond if the need is necessary. Officials with the Cape Girardeau Department of Public Health and Senior Services say they and other agencies stay in contact with state health officials as the number of confirmed cases increases across the globe. DHSS officials confirmed this week that they are working in conjunction with the CDC and other local departments to respond to the outbreak and assure the well being of state residents as people come back from China were the virus began. Officials say they have been working to make sure residents are educated and prepared and are alert to the guidance their federal partners are offering. These working partnerships are for monitoring efforts to insure the safety of individuals and their families. As of Tuesday there have been a total of 43,000 confirmed cases of the virus in twenty-eight different countries. Here in the .U.S. there have been 13 confirmed cases reported. Of the 43,000 cases there have been 1,100 confirmed deaths. DHSS officials say that the risk to the general public within Missouri is currently very low.



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