Multiple Charges Filed Against Man Who Led Police on Chase

A North Carolina man has been charged with half a dozen felony charges and an additional three misdemeanor charges for leading Scott County Police on a pursuit for nine miles in a stolen vehicle before he crashed into a field. He also pointed a gun at police. The man was identified as 42 year-old Duane D. Brown. He was charged with two counts of fourth degree asaualt of a special victim and tampering with a motor vehicle. Police say the chase started after the vehicle was identified by Morehouse Missouri police as a 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 that was stolen from New Madrid County earlier that day. Police say the officers say they saw the truck travel south on Interstate 55 exit 80 near Benton Missouri. The suspect then turned onto interstate 77. Police say the suspect operated the vehicle in a careless manner and caused other motorists to pull of the road to avoid being hit. Police say the continued to pursue the truck that turned west on County Road 506. With multiple officers chasing after the truck the suspect drove the truck off the south side of Route C and crashed into a field. The suspect then got out of the truck and he was carrying a small handgun. He pointed the handgun at the officers. They began giving the suspect the order to drop the gun and lay on the ground. He kept running south into a tree line on the south side of the field. The suspect was later located by police near county road 428 and arrested.



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