New Device to Assist Individuals with Opioid Addiction Being Sold in Carbondale

A new device to assist in the continuous fight against opioid addiction has been made available in Southern Illinois. Officials say the device is small enough to be put in the palm of the hand and it sits behind the ear of all users. Currently, RecoverUs Centers within the city limits of Carbondale is the lone facility that is presently using the device for treatment. RecoverUs Centers currently operates as a non-narcotic, treatment facility. Officials say the new device they currently use was developed by a company within the Midwest region. When an individual uses this new device it will send electrical signals all the way from the nerve points of an individual’s ear to their brain. This will assist the individual’s brain in calming down officials say. The device prevents clients from the need to swallow medication. Officials encourage the public to contact their office for more information on how the device works and should be handled.

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