Cape Girardeau County Officials Sign Their Courthouse Rights Back to the City

Within a few minutes on Thursday morning the Cape Girardeau County Commission signed necessary documents to give the 50% share they had in the Common Pleas Court House to the City of Cape Girardeau. The paperwork was signed during a commission business meeting. Commission officials say they are conveying their interest of 50% within the Common Pleas Court House back to Cape Girardeau. Both the county and city have been responsible for half of the court house for more than six decades. Officials say that back in 1954 the federal government deeded the courthouse to the city. Five years later the city deeded half of the facility to Cape Girardeau County in order for the county to participate in some upgrades and additions to the structure. They say the quitclaim deed in which the county commissioners signed on Thursday serves the purpose of a current a notice of termination of currant agreements between both county officials and city officials that go back over forty years in regards to shared control of the courthouse.

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