Cape Girardeau County Officials Approve Grant for Upgrades to Jail and Sheriff’s Office in Jackson


The Cape Girardeau County Commission Recently approved a lease purchase transaction that is worth $4 million during their commission meeting last Thursday. The transaction that was approved will be used to fund improvements at the sheriff’s office and county jail and buy new dispatch equipment. Officials say the improvements will include replacing HVAC equipment and making plumbing repairs for the entire sheriff’s office/county jail complex. Officials say the facility runs around the clock. They also say the original part of the complex is 40 years old, while the “new” jail is 20 years old. Commission members recently gave their approval to putting a public safety sales tax increase on the ballot for the election in April. If local voters pass this measure it will increase department funding. Officials say the jail was in need of repairs and currently has exposed safety risks that need to be addressed. As of right now the jail holds between 220 and 285 inmates every day this is more than the facility was built for.


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