Rescue Equipment Stolen from Truck at Southeast Missouri Search and Rescue

Several items were stolen out of a vehicle used by Southeast Missouri Search and Rescue. Officials say the thief nearly stole every single item in the truck. The items that the suspect stole include four Garmin 64st, five baofeng uv5r radios, four chargers, four steam light waypoint – yellow and back, a fuse block, a laptop, first aid equipment, among other items. Officials say the burglary is devastating to their team because the rescue team is made up of volunteers and the organization doesn’t receive any other funding other than fundraisers and it took them a while to get the equipment. To make matters worse, no one knows when the theft happened because members of the group didn’t have a meeting last month, so no one has looked inside the ambulance since December. Officials say the unit was parked on south Broadway at the organization’s search and rescue building. They’ve went around to other businesses to see if they can find anything on their cameras, but they have not heard back yet. The search and rescue center was given to the organization less than a year ago by Butler County EMS. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Poplar Bluff Police Department.





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