City of Cape Girardeau Receives Funding to Light River Wall to Make Water Street Safer

Cape Girardeau’s river wall that is located along Water Street will soon become more appealing. Old Town Cape officials recently proposed plans to install two dozen light fixtures along electrical conduits that are already in place on top of the wall to highlight the murals that have been painted on the wall. More importantly, the fixtures will be installed to provide more enhanced safety on Water Street. Officials say they have tried previously to install the lights, but up until now they haven’t been given permission by the .U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Evan though permission was given there will be a time limit of five years to finish the project. The project will also have to suit railroad traffic on Water Street. A date when the project will begin hasn’t been determined yet. Officials estimate that the project will cost $35,037. Members of the Cape Girardeau City Council overwhelmingly passed a resolution on Monday that gave authorization for $10,000 of the city’s River Front Development Fund to be put towards the project. In addition, the resolution also approved another $10,000 of funding from the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce. The funding will be provided by the Convention and Visitor’s Buru‘s Project Development Fund. Old town Cape will carry the responsibility for paying for the remaining 15,037 and the replacement of the lights.

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