City Officials Discuss Possibility of Generating Task Force to Decrease Crime

During Monday night’s Cape Girardeau City Council meeting there were several discussion brought up about the recent acts of violence that took place within the town in recent weeks. City officials brought up the potential of creating a task force that will be dedicated to fighting violent crime and they see it as a solution that should be taken into consideration.  Many city officials and citizens are in favor of the idea, but officials say it could be a really good option for both citizens and city government leaders to have discussions throughout the city rather than only some neighborhoods in certain wards. Other officials raised the concern of forming the task force without setting certain goals for it. They say they don’t want a group that just conducts meetings; they want a group that takes a course of action. They also say the city needs to really consider members of the task force and what the end goal is. City officials also stressed the importance of supporting g local initiatives led by People Organized to Revitalize Community Healing, also known as PORCH. Officials say they haven’t done a very good job of disusing how much they want to see PORCH be successful.  They say that the continued support in any way is going to assist with ending poverty. It will also help lessen crime rate, but they say it will be a long road.  Officials say the initiative needs to effective all throughout Cape Girardeau and it has to be emphasized in every element of the community.


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