Area Church to Open Facilities for Citizens in Need

Due to shootings that have occurred in Cape Girardeau in recent weeks local residents are increasing awareness to cut down on the crime rate in the area.  Several residents and organizations are conducting their own separate meetings. Soulful Harvest Ministries church in Cape Girardeau recently bought a home that was for sale on the southern end of town. The purpose of the home is to provide assistance to local residents who made need additional assistance. The home that was bought will be called Life Impact Center. The focal point of the new facility is to provide extra assistance to those who are suffering from substance abuse. The new facility will provide a plethora of services that include counseling, life skills, and mentorship among other services. In addition the church is also considering having an additional facility that will be geared to providing shelter for those in need of a home. Officials say they will be also be providing recovery support services and the additional living space will be a sober living space. The Life Impact Center facility is located on Ranney Avenue and is expected to open at the end of this month. The facility will be appointment based only.



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