Kentucky Law Makers Receive This Year’s Project Plan from Transportation Officials

Officials with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet recently presented their highway plan for the calendar year to state lawmakers in the state capital. The plan comes with a record $100 million investment in the Highway Safety Improvement Program. In addition the plan will include $367.5 million to be put towards high-profile bridge and parkway projects. The new project plan will also include a new $8 million guardrail program. Funding that comes from the Highway Safety Improvement Program is put towards the improvement of traffic safety on roadways located in rural areas. Over $100 million would go towards this issue over the next two years. Additionally the funds for the new guardrail program would also be used over two calendar years. The program is aimed to go towards over 400 guardrail projects in the state’s 3,400 mile backlog of guardrail needs. Officials say the installation of guardrails will assist with the goal of decreasing the number of traffic deaths and serious injures by keeping vehicles on roadways. The state has one of the nation’s highest highway fatality rates and these highway and guardrail investments will go a long way toward make state roads safer officials say. They also say this year’s Recommended Highway Plan is based on revenue forecasts of $6.1 billion in traditional state and federal highway dollars during Fiscal Year 2021 through Fiscal Year 2026.





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