Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center Reaccredited for Healthcare Excellence

The Cape Girardeau County Health Center recently received a five year accreditation from the Missouri Institute for Community Health. This type of achievement has only been equaled by a number of other county health departments within state boarders. Officials say that accreditation is an affirmation the health center either matches or surpasses the requirements that need to be met in order to provide essential public health services to community members. The Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center was accredited by MICH back in 2015 as well. Missouri Institute for Community Health officials presented the health center’s board of trustees with the plaque commemorating the accomplishment earlier this week. The Cape Girardeau Public Center is part of a group of just fourteen county health facilities to be recognized with this accreditation within Missouri. This means the center has either met or surpassed the standards put in place by the Missouri Institute of Community Health in the areas of communicable diseases, chronic disease, and injury prevention among other areas. In addition to be accredited the public health center was also mandated to complete the community health assessment along with a community health improvement plan among other plans.

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