County Commission Approves Used Sales Tax for Election Ballot

Members of the Cape Girardeau City Commission gave their approval to include a half cent public sales tax on April’s election Ballot. Officials say the increase is needed because police officers are under paid in the present and the county’s jail is currently in despair. Officials also say that the sheriff’s office has a current turnover rate of 30 because several officers have been going to other local agencies because they offer higher salaries. Officials say this is even more of a concern for officers who work at the county jail Officials state that the sheriff’s office is currently struggling to receive applicants for these positions , but officers who work in the county jail face the same actions as law enforcement of the street. In addition officials say that the sheriff’s office has been unable to keep up with the equipment costs. This has caused several officers to share patrol vehicles. As of right now the department has 15 police vehicles that are currently shared by nineteen police officers.  Officials say the average age of the police vehicles is four and a half years old. They also currently have 84,000 miles on them and the average deputy covers 80 to 120 miles per shift. This is the fourth time in the last 41 years the sheriff’s office has asked local voters for additional takes. The sheriff’s office currently has a budget of $6.7 million and $1.5 million is generated through proposition 1 revenue.

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