City of Cape Girardeau Online Services Still Out of Order Because of Cyber Attack

The City of Cape Girardeau was a victim of a malicious cyber-attack. Because of the attack some city web services remain unavailable. City officials say they don’t have any information to prove hat a customer or employee information or data has been accessed or acquired without authorization, and all critical safety and infrastructure services continue to operate. Officials also say they are collaborating with outside experts to normalize the business. Officials state that they currently have a sewer system that is down that they’ll have to rebuild and that’s going to take a while to do that and they had some of their data they didn’t access to that is now coming back. As of Tuesday, online payments are still unavailable, but citizens can still send their utility bills through the mail, or come by the office and pay it. Customers must bring bills or their account information.  Some of the city’s online services are not up and running and affected the city’s email system. Despite online systems being unavailable the city’s mergency, trash, water and sewer services are all operating as normal. Officials say they hope the city will be patient with them and citizens will not receive late fees if they miss a payment because of the system impacts. City leaders said on Thursday evening, Jan. 23 it had industry-standard protection in place, including malware detection. City staff immediately took action to secure the network and started an internal investigation. The city said it takes the security of the information very seriously. They said they are actively taking steps to strengthen their security to reduce the likelihood of a similar event in the future. The cause of the attack is currently being investigated by the FBI.





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