Saint Francis Healthcare System Makes the Announcement that United Healthcare Systems Has Terminated Agreement with Them

St. Francis Healthcare officials held a press conference on Monday to make the announcement that there have been changes in the current negotiations process with United Healthcare Systems. Officials said that United Healthcare sent out a notice of termination to St. Francis back in November. Officials said beginning on March 5, 2020 St. Francis will be out-of-network with United.  is a web page that has been started in order for citizens to get the most updated information on the negotiation process. Officials say they are upset with United’s decision to terminate the agreement. St. Francis officials said, other healthcare providers have been increasing prices, but they have decreased their prices by 25% since 2018. United has since raised its premiums and has generated billions in profits each quarter, officials say. Officials said the insurance company has tried to work out further payment cuts with Saint Francis as well. Officials say United customers make up about 5% of overall business at Saint Francis and Dozens of local businesses would be impacted. Officials said they have offered what they believe is a fair contract proposal to United. Officials plan to keep the community up to date on negotiations as they move along.

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