Members of Sikeston City Council Legalize UTV Use on City Streets

Members of the Sikeston City Council gave their approval for citizens to use their UTV’s on Sikeston Streets. The measure was approved during a city council meeting on Monday. The legalization of UTV’s on city roadways was approved after the city council made changes to the ordinance that was put in place to enforce stricter rules to make UTV’s safer for children. The new bill requires all children who are younger than four years old, or less than 40 pounds to be put in a child safety restraint. Minors who are between the ages of 4 and 7 have to be in a safety seat or booster seat when riding in a UTV. Children who are eight years and older  or either 80 pounds ,or four feet nine inches tall have be wearing a seat belt at all times. Every passenger, who is considered a minor, has to wear a helmet and seatbelt at all times. Members of the council were in agreement to keep the registration process the same. The process requires all UTV’s be registered by the city’s clerk’s office. All owners will then be required to sign a form saying the vehicle contains safety features that are mandated by the new ordinance. They will also have to pay an undisclosed fee. Officials say this registration only applies to residents living in Sikeston.

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