After Striking Pedestrian, Suspects Threatens Police

A Tennessee man is behind bars in McCracken County after hitting a pedestrian and then threatening to shoot multiple people. It started around 6:30.a.m. on Saturday morning at the intersection of Court Avenue and Jennifer Lynn Drive in Paducah. Police say Robert Thomas Aitken, 43, of Nashville, TN was driving a stolen van when hit a 68-year-old man walking in the area. The victim was identified as James G. Cates. He told police that the suspect said he would call 911 but then tried to drive away. Cates got into a struggle with Aiken and threw away the keys. Police say Aitken then threatened to shoot Cates but ran away. Police caught up with Aitken on Buckner lane.  They say the suspect was belligerent and threatened to shoot the officers as well. Those officers used a taser to take Aitken into custody.  The suspect is currently being held at the McCracken County Jail. He faces assault, terroristic threatening, drug, and evasion charges.

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