The Shortage of Marijuana across Southern Illinois Is Resulting in Protection of Medical Patients

Long lines along with limited supplies have prompted Illinois state leaders to take steps to protect medicinal marijuana patients throughout the state. Thrive is a medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensary that has two locations, one is in Anna, the other is in Harrisburgh. Both locations have experienced long lines at their doors. This has become such an issue that the dependency has had to restrict hours of operation. A sign has been put inside both locations to remind citizens they will only be selling recreational pot Thursday through Sunday and Medical sales will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Officials say this issue with shortage is not new and it is mandated by law that they keep and maintain stock available for medical patients. This was determined based on previous inventories. Many dispensaries across the state are seeing a shortage of product, especially in certain parts of the plant. Thrive gets deliveries on a weekly basis and they have to limit the product customers can buy. Officials say that the shortages are expected during the beginning stages. While supply may be an issue, government officials and the General Assembly took steps through legislation to protect the supply for medical cannabis patients officials said. The Department of Agriculture recently released applications for craft grower licenses, which will increase the number of cannabis dependencies. Officials with the Illinois Department of Public Health said, 2,573 people applied for medical cards between January 1st and the 17th.

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