Cape Girardeau City Information Systems Experiencing Problems


Officials with the Cape Girardeau Information and Technology Division are currently investigating a malfunction that recently occurred within the city’s information systems. This has caused the city’s online systems to become inaccessible since the early part of the week. Officials say they still don’t know what caused the outage or when the systems will be running properly again. Despite the issues, officials hope to have some services restored at week’s end. The network incident has had an effect the city’s email along with many other systems. Despite the issues there hasn’t been any information released about whether or not any customer of employee information has been taken without their consent. Due to this issue, city officials only accept either a written check of cash for utility payments. In addition there also has to be a copy of the utility bill with any payment. Every form of the Cape Girardeau Government has suffered some form of effect officials say. Officials say that no one involved in government has email. Anyone who needs to contact a government official may do so by calling them. A list of contacts can be found at the city of Cape Girardeau’s website for a select number of departments. Despite the outage 911 emergency services are still accessible and emergency personnel can still respond to calls, officials say.


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