SIU Working on Recruiting Future Students

SIU Carbondale has experienced a decline in university enrollment over the past ten years. Because of this the university is working to recruit and retain students. University officials say the university’s new method of bringing in more students is engagement and they can already see it’s making a difference.  The number of applications has risen by 21.7%. One of the reasons for this is that the institution has been trying really hard to recruit students from the local area and across the region, The school has been having SIU Days for the past couple semesters. This is a program in which students can tour the campus and take part in organized activities in degree programs that they are interested in. For the first time ever the spring semester has extended its winter week of welcome from one week to five weeks. Officials say changing up their welcome events not only re-excites current students, but also incoming transfer students. They say the school is currently working on catering to all under graduate students and transfer students on a separate basis to ensure the transition to life at the university is as easy as possible.


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