Jackson WalMart Will No Longer Operate Around the Clock after This Month

Citizens, who enjoy shopping in the middle of the night, will no longer have that luxury starting next month.  Currently, the WalMart store that is located between Cape Girardeau and Jackson on East Jackson Boulevard is operating around the clock, but hours will be cut starting next month. The store will be closed from 1 to 6.a.m. everyday once the calendar turns. Store workers put signs up in the store entrance to alert customers of the change. Officials at the chain’s corporate office made the decision to cut back on hours of operation. Store officials say that the employees scheduled to work over night will still be responsible for completing certain tasks during this time, but the store will be closed to shoppers. Other local stores won’t be affected by next month’s change. Last year Wal-Mart cut back hours at over 100 of their stores that were open around the clock several of the stores are closing from 1 to 6.a.m.

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