Sikeston Chamber and Career Center Coming Together to Create New Forklift Program

A meeting was recently held at the Sikeston Career and Technology Center with Sikeston Chamber officials, center teachers, and representatives for local businesses in the area. Career Center officials said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the creation of a fork lift program at the career center. As of now the facility has a sit down forklift and is able to create a mock warehouse those students, who aspire to be fork lift operators can train in. The new program is expected to collaborate with area businesses. Staff members more equipment as needed based on what businesses in the area are expecting future employees to operate. The staff wants to work with local and area businesses, who are seeking fork, lift operators to see what training they require, so students are ready for a new career when they are hired. Currently, SCTC officials are working to get the course certified with state certifications so students will have the right certifications when they leave.  Those who are currently seniors in high school in Sikeston are the ones being highly considered for the new program. There is the possibility that the program could open to younger students and possibly area adults as well.

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