A Child’s Journey Learning Academy Will Close on Friday in Cape Girardeau

A Child’s Journey Learning Academy is scheduled to close later this week. The daycare center is located at 3037 Lexington Avenue in Cape Girardeau. The daycare’s owner was Cape Girardeau neurosurgeon Sonjay Fonn. He owned two other businesses in Cape Girardeau that closed their doors earlier in the month, but daycare workers say the closing of the daycare is unrelated to the closing of the other businesses. The other businesses that previously closed that were under the same ownership were The Bar, located on Themis Street and Chocolate Works, located on 411 Broadway.  A Child’s Journey Learning Center opened its doors back in July of 2015. The facility was constructed to provide services to 88 children that range in age from 6 weeks to 12 years. As of now there any only 35 children enrolled at the facility. Both Fonn and his finance were convicted back in November of 2017 for the submission of fraudulent and false claims of both Medicaid and Medicare. After the conviction he had fines and damages charged to him that totaled almost $5.5 million.

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