State Court Rules Certain Parts of Voter Identification Law are Unconstitutional


This calendar year is an important election year, but citizens won’t be seeing the state’sShow it to Vote Campaign due to a recent decision inside the state courts. The state’s Supreme Court handed down a ruling on Tuesday that said citizens should have a photo ID to vote is unconstitutional.  Area election officials in Cape Girardeau County stated that results only change some requirements in the voter ID law, but the overall law itself is still stands. Officials say voter identification is still a requirement for citizens to be able to vote and it is also accessible o voters to cast votes on the day of the election. The three items that local voters in the area can have with them to vote are   a photo ID, non-photo ID as well as a provisional ballot, which officials say is very encompassing. Although, the court decision did keep the Secretary of State’s office from saying photo ID’s are a requirement to vote any registered voter  is able to prove and provide their name and current address with a form of non-photo ID they won’t have to sign a Missouri mandated statement. The current voter Identification law was passed back in 2016 when the proposal received 63 percent of the vote.  Additional identification forms that will be acceptable to cast a vote are a government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, or military Identification. Citizens can also use any documents from the government or utility bills or bank statements.

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