Plans to Build Solar Farm in Cape County Put on Hold

Plans to build a solar farm within Cape Girardeau County have come to a halt. The plans for the $200 million project have stalled because the project developer has been unable to locate a market to be used for the electric the farm would bring into existence. Plans were announced back in May to construct the farm on 1,400 acres of land near the town of Delta Missouri. Officials with Next Era Energy said the facility would be ready for operation within a two to four year period. Company officials also said the solar farm would generate a maximum of 200 mega watts to supply 50,000 homes with electrical power. Officials say that even though the project has been put on hold they actively continue to develop the project and market the project to those, who may be customers. The potential customers could range from utility companies, municipalities, or industrial consumers. Officials say it isn’t an unusual situation for the negotiation process to take a half year or so to finish. The site that is currently under consideration sits slightly northeast of Delta. The land is surrounded by County Road 244 on the northern end and Highway 25 on the Southern end. The site surrounds many pieces of land owned by a half a dozen local families, who have been given the opportunity to sell their land to the New Era Energy Company.

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