Three Men Arrested for Salvation Army Burglary

Three Cape Girardeau men are currently facing felony charges of stealing and first degree burglary in connection with a burglary of the Salvation Army. The robbery of the area Salvation Army occurred on Sunday Afternoon. Officials believe the burglary occurred after 22 year-old Jaleel M.Henry attended a church service and then hid in the gymnasium. Officials also say a witness took notice that the side door of the building’s rear garage was open around 4:40.p.m. The witness reported that they saw Henry and another suspect loading toys and clothes that were donated into a vehicle. The suspect was identified as 28 year-old Curtis P. Williams. After they saw the two men loading the items the witness approached the vehicle and saw a third suspect. The third suspect was identified as 20 year-old Bron’dale L. Wikerson. Officials say the witness entered the gym to let an additional witness know what was happening. Both of the witnesses made their way back to the garage and snapped photos of the three suspects, and confronted the three men about stealing the items, but the witnesses were ignored. The three men continued placing the items into the vehicle, but the witnesses pulled other items back into the garage to keep other items from being taken. The three suspects vacated the vehicle a short time later. The witnesses then called Salvation Army officials and they, reported the burglary. Officials later inspected the building and they found items that were missing that were worth an estimated $1,270. All three suspects were located and arrested later that evening and taken to the Cape Girardeau County Jail. Wikerson later told police he had been contacted by Henry to bring the vehicle to the Salvation Army to help load the cloths. Henry told officials he had gone to church around 11.a.m. and went to the gym forty five minutes later to call a relative. He then left the gym around noon and went to the garage and he started looking through the donated clothes.





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