Mississippi River Levels Rise Due to Weekend Storms

Above average rainfall that fell to the west and north of the Cape Girardeau area this past weekend has caused the Mississippi River to rise. This has caused moderate flood conditions in the area, but the river is expected to fall nearly as quickly. Officials expect river levels to fall below flood stage by the start of next week. On Wednesday morning the Mississippi River Level sat at 37.5 feet. This is 11 feet higher than last Friday morning when the level sat at 26.3 feet. The river level is currently at flood stage of 32 feet in Cape Girardeau. Officials say the reason for the rapid increase in the river level was due to a weather system that made its way through the area during the later part of last week. The National Weather Service confirmed that there were between two and five inches of rain fall between Friday night and Saturday morning that caused flash flooding. In addition to flooding the weather system also produced twisters that rolled through Southeast Missouri, Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois. There was a tornado that made its way through Jackson just before 2.am. on Saturday morning. The storm produced wind speeds of 125 miles-per-hour. The storm destroyed and damaged many structures located northwest of the junction of .U.S. Highway 61 and Interstate 55 between Cape Girardeau and Jackson.

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