State Law Enforcement Currently Investigating Multiple Drug Related Deaths

Law enforcement officials are currently investigating three suspicious deaths related to recreational drug use in both Mississippi and Cape Girardeau Counties. Officials say on Sunday, authorities received a call about a car on the side of the road. Just before 7.p.m. a state trooper arrived on scene to find a car on the shoulder of Interstate 57, near mile marker 4 in Mississippi County, near the Bertrand exit. He saw two people inside the car that were unresponsive, with the doors to the car locked. The officer was able to forcibly enter the car and found that the two people inside the car did not have a pulse. One of the victims died at the scene and another was revived and taken to a local hospital.  In addition the Division of Drug and Crime Control is also helping the Jackson Police Department with two suspicious deaths in Cape Girardeau County. Police say they believe two people died in city limits that are believed to be related to recreational drug use. They also say the deaths occurred on Sunday. The two victims were a young man and women in their 20’s. They say one lived in Perryville and the other lived in Jackson. Police say both victims were  at the same party in Jackson that most likely started on Saturday night and carried into Sunday morning. They said it’s a criminal investigation and they’re working to find out where the drugs came from. Officials say they completed they completed the autopsies and found nothing on “gross examination,” so they will have to wait on toxicology and histology reports. Police said on Tuesday, January 14 it would take three to four weeks for toxicology.

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