Commission Officials in Cape County Finalize Budget for 2020

Officials with the Cape Girardeau County Commission gave their approval to this year’s final buget last Thursday. Officials say the budget was similar to the preliminary budget that the commission approved back on December 16, 2019. The lone change that was made to this year’s budget was the county’s adjusted income and their income at the conclusion of last year. Both changes occurred because of actual revenue and expenditures from the conclusion of last year, which had been figured into the previous year’s budget year’s budget. The exact balance of county funds was $200,000 greater than expected, so the county income was increased by $5,000. The balance for the county stood at $3.57 million when the year began. The generated revenue for the current calendar year is $12 million a total of $7.35 million will come from sales tax within the county and it remained unchanged from the preliminary budget.

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