Hemp Processing Plant Will Open Soon in Du Quoin

City officials in Du Quoin Illinois announced the opening of a new business in the Industrial Park. The new facility will be located in the former building where General Henry Bakery was. The opening of the new facility was made possible because of the Federal Agricultural Improvement Act that past back in 2018 and the passage of the Illinois Industrial Hemp Act this past year, City officials say. The new facility is expected to begin operations in the spring after some investment and improvements take place. The whole planning process for the facility took more than a year with feedback from the city and the agribusiness company. The city is currently working to finish tax increment financing benefits on behalf of the company. City officials say there is no marijuana involved in the process and there is no marijuana located on the premises of the production facility. City officials will hold a job fair to help the company. Details about the job fair will be announced to the public at a later date. While the interim is going on citizens are asked to avoid he building and premises as construction continues.


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