Value of Construction Projects Rises in Cape Girardeau in 20219

During the last calendar year the City of Cape Girardeau gave out 248 commercial and residential building permits for projects that cost more than $74 million. The numbers reveal increases over the final numbers for the previous year when 233 permits were issued in Cape Girardeau for construction projects costing roughly $48.6 million. Data from the Cape Girardeau’s planning and development office  that came out this week determined that there were a total of 113 permits issued in 2019 for new homes, home additions and residential remodeling projects that had a total value of roughly  $21.1 million.  This number was slightly greater than the previous year when 103 permits were given out new residential dwellings, additions or remodeling projects that cost around $14.6 million. Cape Girardeau city officials reported they issued 17 permits over the last calendar year for the building of new commercial structures along with building additions combined to be worth $36.7 million. This total has the construction of Southeast Health’s new behavioral health hospital that’s being built along Silver Springs Road south of Highway 74. Construction data that came out reveals that the project has a total value of $23.3 million consisting of mostly of commercial construction value. During the previous year the city gave out over 22 permits for new commercial construction, but the value of the project over last year only cost $8.1 million.

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