Health Officials Confirm Two Cases of Hepatitis A in southern Illinois

Officials with Southern Seven Health Department have confirmed two cases of Hepatitis A (HAV) in Union County, Illinois. Officials with the Illinois Department of Public Health identified 177 person-to-person outbreak related cases with a single fatality of Hepatitis A (HAV) in the state since September of 2018. Nationwide there have been over 29,000 cases. These confirmed cases have caused more than 300 deaths in 30 of the 50 states. HAV is a highly contagious, vaccine-preventable liver infection that can be spread to many individuals through food or water intake or making oral contact with different objects. Department officials said the statewide community outbreak is not associated with international travel or food borne related. They also said in severe cases, some individuals, especially if co-infected with hepatitis B or C, may develop liver failure, that can lead to death. Officials encourage vaccinations for those, who are one year old and up to be vaccinated twice every calendar year to prevent them from getting the disease. There is no treatment for HIV at this time.


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