Kentucky Will No Longer Require Fee to Take GED Test

Residents in Kentucky will no longer have to pay to take the GED Ready test. The fee to take the test will soon be waived by Kentucky Skills U, which is an agency inside the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet (EWDC). The fee will be waived for every resident that wants to earn their General Education Diploma. Residents throughout the state can take the test through Kentucky Skills U or over the internet for free; government officials confirmed the change on Tuesday. Over $600,000 in state funding will cover the waved test fees. Officials say the test fee waiver will do away with financial barriers in earning a diploma ®, which is $120 for all four courses in Kentucky. Kentucky Skills U provides preparation for earning a diploma, and the opportunity to make the transition to higher learning or be provided career training to get ready for employment. Kentucky Skills U provides free training services for adults all over the state to help them prepare for higher learning or a potential career

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