Scott City Begins Rebuilding Phase of New Church

Scott City is currently making plans to reconstruct a local church that was destroyed by fire over the summer. The Cornerstone Wesleyan Church was located at 210 East Outer Road. The church that will be constructed will be called Restoration Community Church. Officials say the church will have a new vision and the rebuilding phase is in full swing. Officials say the new church will emphasize education and learning along with the community. The new church will be constructed in an empty field that is between the Park Estates Subdivision and the Thebes Bridge to nearby Illmo. The new building will consist of 15,000 square feet and will have a sanctuary, gymnasium, learning center, recreational area and study areas. Officials hope to break ground soon and construction will take place over the duration of the year and continue on into next year. Since the church was destroyed last summer services have been taking place at the Visual and Performing Arts Center Community Safe Room at the Scott City School District. The facility is located at 2104 Main Street in Scott City. The facility should serve as a temporary meeting place for roughly another year while the new building is being constructed.

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