New Sewer Line Being Constructed for Housing Development on East Main Street

Construction is taking place on the north side of East Jackson Boulevard between Old Cape Road and Williams Creek in Jackson. The construction is taking place to install a new sanitary sewer line that will provide service between East Jackson Boulevard and to the northern side of East Main Street. The new sewer line is being constructed to provide service to a new housing development that is currently being constructed on Old Orchard Road. It will take away the necessity of a waste water pump that is currently being used close to the new development. City officials have a goal of providing utilities to residents who live along East Main Street and west of Interstate 55, so that the section that is empty field space can be used in the future. City officials say for the past couple of weeks workers have been blasting up rock within the area. In addition workers had to move an excessive amount of dirt along East Jackson Boulevard because the sewer line that they needed to connect was buried. The sewer line being put in is fifteen inches wide and will be along the western end of Williams Creek. The first phase of the project will run from East Jackson Boulevard northward to the crossing of Old Orchard Road and Williams Creek. The mayor and the Board Alderman gave their approval to the beginning of the project back in July. The total cost of the project is $1.3 million and the project that began in October is scheduled to be finished in July. City officials will make bids on the next phase of the project that will continue northward to East Main Street.

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