Cape Girardeau County to Move Forward With Digitalization Project

Cape Girardeau County Commission officials gave their approval to the addition of surveyors’ records to the Record of Deeds digitalization project.  The entire project will cost $3,250 that includes a maintenance fee of $300 per year. County officials gave their approval of approximately 50 marriage licenses books to be digitalized this past August and a total of 500 deed and deed of trust books the following month. Officials say a total of eleven surveyor books were not included in the original scope of the project because they were previously digitalized by the state, but their images had to be replaced to be functional. As part of the project, images will be put on a web page that is searchable and a secondary microfilm will be produced for both state and county archives. Officials say the records date back to the days of when there was a county surveyor. Today, the records aren’t used often by the general public because they are hard to navigate. When the pictures are digitalized, the indexes of the books will be put together, which will simplify finding specific images.

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