Expansion Will Soon Be Taking Place at the New Madrid County Port

The Port Authority Board awarded more than $1.5 million for three separate projects, which paved the way to the building of a slack harbor. City officials say they plan to double the foot print of the port, but   they are doing it in small steps. City officials say they are seeing work being done out there.  This project will have an addition to the lane of the road , which currently surrounds the port in New Madrid County, which is currently in St. Jude Industrial Park. City officials say the road expansion will allow easier access to tenants of Riceland Nutrien Ag Solutions Incorporated. Additionally the roadway expansion will provide access to approximately 83.13 acres, which sits just north of where officials want to create an additional harbor. The work is being done to bring the north side up above the century long flood stage. The project includes the building of a lift station to the land under development. Officials say the state legislature is providing matching grant funding through MODOT, and the New Madrid Port Authority is providing funding for 20% of the costs. Officials say expansion is necessary because they are out of space , a new businesses have expressed interest in locating to the area. In addition the extra space would provide additional space for barges to dock.

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