Increased Fines will be Given to Motorists Caught Violating Scott’s Law in Illinois

Violators of the Move Over Law, or Scott’s Law, in Illinois are going to see increases in fines. Beginning on New Year’s Day Individuals, who are caught violating the Move Over (Scott’s) Law will receive a minimum fine of $250 for the first time and a minimum of $750 for any time after that. Police say f the violation involves property damage; the violator’s driver’s license will be suspended. If anyone gets there license suspended they will not be able to drive for at least three months. The suspension could last for an entire year. Police say If the violation results in injury to another person, the violator’s driver’s license will be suspended for a mandatory period of anywhere between six months and two years. Scott’s Law mandate’s motorists to change lanes when they come across emergency vehicles that are stopped. This includes highway maintenance vehicles displaying flashing lights and any stationary vehicle with their hazard lights activated.




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