Wages for Water Sewer and Trash Collection to Rise in February

During Monday night’s meeting the Jackson Board Alderman gave their approval to the budget for the upcoming year. Next year’s beget calls for a rise in the water, sewer, trash, and electric collection. The entire fee increase comes out to be 1.9% higher than rates are now.  City officials say the increases are consistent with the recent increase in the consumer price index. The city’s trash collection will increase from $6 to $10. City officials estimate that the increases will bring in about $400,000 to $425,000 in revenue for the city. The fee increase will go into effect in February. The approval for the increases came after a hearing that the public was invited to. During the hearing no one was against the fee increases. The total amount for the coming year’s budget stands at $33.8 million. Along with the fee increases compensation and income guiltiness for the coming year were also approved for city employees. The increase in paid salary for city employees will be 10% greater than the city’s current wage.

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