Flu Cases on the Rise in Missouri

Officials with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has confirmed that more 150,000, cases of influenza have been reported since the season began back in September. Along with the large number of cases there have been three deaths reported over since the middle of last month.. It has yet to be determined where the deaths were reported. Officials have reported that there have been a total of 1,548 related cases throughout the state. All of these cases were reported through the end of last month. All the reported cases are almost split between both influenza viruses.. The DHSS report found that the most reports were from North and Southeast Missouri along with Southwest Missouri. The report also found that those who were largely affected were minors, who were four years old and under. Local health officials say their emergency rooms and primary care offices have seen increased visits because of symptoms from the influenza virus. Officials also say there are normal and seasonal cases going on as of right now. Officials confirmed  that as of Monday there have been a total of two dozen confirmed  cases of Type A influenza in the county and an additional  three to four cases of Type B Influenza.

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