Suspect Ordered to Make Court Appearance for Bank Robbery

A Popular Bluff man was given an order to stand trial for the robbery of the Southern Bank branch at Essex. The burglary suspect was identified as Glenn Hamilton.  He made a court appearance on charges of the Class a felony of first-degree robbery. The suspect waived having a preliminary hearing in his case, and was bound to stand trial on the charge. The suspect was ordered to  make an appearance in court at 10 a.m. on December 18 to be arraigned on the charge. Hamilton and one additional suspect were charged with robbing the Southern Bank branch, located at 101 Trotter St. in Essex. Back on October 21, 2019 Hamilton went into the bank and gave the teller note that made the demand for cash. Police say the suspect called the teller a bad name, and told them “I will kill you. They also say the teller stated the male subject moved his hand to his side and she assumed he had a gun, but never saw a gun. The teller gave the suspect $1,900. The suspect then fled from the bank. The other suspect in the robbery later said, the suspect got out of the vehicle and returned about two minutes later.  The suspect also said he did not know Glenn was going to rob a bank when they drove to Essex She too was ordered to appear n Dec. 18 for a bond hearing in her case.

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