Plastic Company Planning to Open New Location in Murray

A plastic company is making plans to open a facility in Murray Kentucky. TPG Plastics LLC, currently manufactures and designs engineered plastics and blow-molded products. The company is currently planning on making an investment of $14.2 million to open the facility. The facility is projected to bring in 75 jobs in the years to follow. Government officials say the company will lease the Murray West Spec Building to house the operation. The 62,000-square-foot building is in the Murray West Industrial Park and is expandable up to 200,000 square feet.  At the end of a two-decade lease  Murray-Calloway Economic Development Corporation will turn over operations of the facility to TPG. Because of tightening emissions regulations, TPG will bring new technology to go along with the new requirements. Leaders of the company expect to put in coextrusion machines at their new facility.  The first one is expected to arrive in February. The company is also making plans to add injection molding capability later on in the year. The company makes nearly 3 million containers every year to be shipped all over the nation.

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