Police Find Additional Dead Animals in Caruthersville and Raise Reward for Information

Police are searching or information after many animals were found dead and appeared to have been killed by the same person or people. Police say at least eight more animals have been found dead in the town since the $250 reward was posted. Thanks to donors, the humane society is raising the reward for information that helps them make an arrest and conviction of the suspect or suspects to $1,000. Investigators say several leads and tips have been received and each and every lead is being followed up on. A number of animals were found deceased in the city in the last couple of months. The animal deaths are being investigated as a criminal matter because of specific findings. If anyone finds a dead animal in the last couple of months and disposed of it, authorities are asking them to contact the Humane Society at 573-333-9977 so they can find out if the animal is connected to the investigation.

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