Carbondale Leaders Give Approval to Solar Project of Over 2 Million

City officials in Carbondale have given their approval of a Power Purchase Agreement. This will allow a $2.4 million solar project deployment to supply the city with a portion of power to the municipal buildings. The city has set a goal to become a leader in providing of sustainable energy in the region.  Now that the power purchase agreement has been approved the city will be without capital outlay and they will be able to save up to a total of 1.5 during the duration of the PPA. Straight Up Solar, which is a developer as well as a Hawk-Attollo LLC  an advocate are were awarded with the construction of the project which contains a fix rate over a period of 25 years for the entirety of the PPA agreement. Savings are estimated to reach a total of $1.5million over the whole span of the agreement. Three sites will be built at the SE Water Treatment Plant, the Public Safety Center and the Civic Center. The three sites symbolize the best economic benefit due to electrical use and available land. In addition the sites are within Ameren utility area which has favorable rules regarding net metering. This allows produced electric produced from solar power to use during present time or to be placed back onto Ameren’s Grid to result in credits that will be able to be drawn when solar energy is not being generated.




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