NCAA rejects Missouri appeal, postseason ban remains

(AP)-The NCAA has rejected an appeal by the University of Missouri to limit or overturn sanctions for infractions tied to the case of a former tutor.

The school filed a 64-page brief to the NCAA’s appeals committee in March arguing that the penalties handed down Jan. 31 are contrary to NCAA precedent, were not supported or appropriate given the nature of the allegations and could have a chilling effect on future NCAA enforcement.

The football, baseball and softball teams were banned from the postseason for a year, the entire athletic department was placed on probation and Missouri was docked scholarships and given recruiting restrictions.

The case dates to 2016 when tutor Yolanda Kumar acknowledged she had violated NCAA rules by doing course work and ensuring athletes in football, baseball and softball passed certain courses.

After an investigation, Missouri self-imposed many penalties and hoped its work closely with the NCAA would result in leniency.

After losing the appeal Tuesday, Missouri Chancellor Alexander Cartwright and athletic director Jim Sterk said they were “deeply disappointed and appalled.” They said they questioned whether the NCAA enforcement system encourages or discourages compliance and integrity.

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